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Lyons International Film Festival celebrates independent films ranging from environmental documentaries, outdoor recreational adventure films and international shorts. We celebrate the trailblazers in a town that has proven its true grit through challenging times. We feature films and filmmakers who have succeeded against the odds, shown fierce determination, resilience and fortitude. Bring your adventurous spirit and come explore the roads less traveled with us!

Friday Night: $5 Family Film Festival Fun

Friday, April 29th 5pm until 8:30pm

2 Film Block Special Showing

$5 cash at the door/Kids Free with a Ticketed Adult

Saturday Film Festival: $50 All Access

Saturday, April 30th 10am - 7pm

Live Music 8pm - 11pm

Adults $50

Blocks $12

Senior 65+ Blocks $8

Students 14-21 Blocks $8

Children Free with a Paying Guest

8th Annual Lyons International Film Festival April 29-30

at The Prickly Pear in Lyons, Colorado 

Friday night Family Film Festival Fun 5 pm till 8:30 pm 

Welcome to a Friday film festival 2 block special $5 (cash only at the door) or buy $5 Friday night online. 

Introduction to a film festival and Filmmaker meet and Family Night 

Friday night : 5 pm to 8:30 pm

Block 1: 116 min 

"Nothing but the Tooth " 20:49 Director : Jill Jenkins, "A light-hearted look at taking care of your teeth

"The Extinction of Up" 5:15 Director: Randy Boyum " What happens in a world when you are only recognized by your shoes"

"A Boy's Journey : Crossing the Alenuihaha" Director: Deveraux Gallagher " 11 year old boy (Bobo Gallagher) becomes first ever to cross the channel, an exciting adventure

"Unsinkable" Directors: Peter Grogan, Alan Corcoran " The story of Alan's swim for charity along Ireland's wild coastline. 500 kilometer sea swim. 

Block 2: 98 min 

"The Fellowship of the Springs" Director Oscar Corral "A documentary about the artesian springs: a natural wonder in Florida. The springs are in a struggle and the fight to save this natural resource. 

Saturday Program schedule 10 am until 7:30 pm

Block 1: 10 am until 12 pm 108 Min. 

Block title: What Matters in our World 

1. " Autumn Waltz" 13:45 Director: David Golden " 50 years together for Woody and Carol Ann, falling in love on the dance floor and a lifetime of memories"

2. "Who are We" 9:41 Director: Taylor Neuman " short documentary film exploring art and artists and art therapy and personal identity and expression"

3. "1-2-3 The Len Barry Story" 19:55 Director: Tom Parkin " A muscial journey" 

4. " Sugar Mountain" 7:59 Director: Javier Barranco " A short look at the life of billy barr living in the Colorado Mountains as a hermit since 1972 and becoming indispensable with what he has created"

5. "Isolated" 52:31 Director: Naama Pyritz " Filmed between 2 lockdowns and how our elderly were most affected and vulnerable because of the restrictions . 

6. "The Paper Crane" 5:13 Director: Aamuro Kanda " Memories and finding closure in untimely death "

Q & A

Block 2 : 12pm until 2 pm 116 min

Block Title: Vision, growth and resilence in creativity 

1. "Between Giants" 99 min. Director : Maxwell Frost " An epic adventure and story of resilience. About 2 brave souls who journey through the Himalayas and the connections made along the way. 

2. " My Brother is Deaf" 10 min. Director: Peter Hoffman Kimball " A young boy and his family learn about what it means to communicate with a sibling who is deaf. 

3. " Generation Impact: The Inventor" The Inventor: 7 min, Directors Sarah Klein and Tom Mason " Second in a docu-series about young inventors/innovators using technology to create a better world. 

Block 3: 2pm till 4 pm. 125 min 

Block title: Taking Care of one another and empowering growth and change 

1. "Why We Walk" 55 min. Director: Eric Bishop " A journey of 3 Black Men walking and united to empower and destigmatize communities of color and bringing into awareness the great outdoors and becoming urban hikers. Inspired by abolitionist John Brown. 

2. "We are All In This together" 70 min. Director : Daniel Troia :" A young man sets off on a cross country bike trip to better connect and reach out to people from all walks of life and bring hearts together during our divisive times. "

Q and A 

Block 4: 4:15 pm till 6 pm 99:18 min 

Block title: Life is a Spiritual Journey 

1. " Hush Little Baby" 9:58 Director: Michael Bliss " A psychological thriller about Motherhood and dark shadows of the past that intrude" 

2. " Peaches" 11:56 Director: Syd Smith " Alone in a post- apocalyptic world and reflecting on what was before. 

3. "Blood Brothers" 33:09 Director: Kyle Gregory " A Recovering addict returns home after rehab and realizes and facing the fact the struggle continues and it is a hard road that affects all" 

4. "Ashes" 8:07 Director: Nathan Patrick Nelson : " A story about saying goodbye and letting go of our painful losses and how being in nature in the Colorado mountains can help . 

5. " James Surls: This Place, Everywhere : 28:02 Director : Zach Jankovic : An American Artist using his art to inspire and bring understanding in creating a focal point for the Dallas holocaust and awareness of human rights museum"

6. "The 3 Cricketeers" 8:44 Director : Sue Williams : Documentary short of a farm family and urban agriculture and doing something about our climate crises using crickets. 

Q & A

Block 5: 6pm until 7:30 pm 85min.

Block title: Being Open to life challenges and making changes

1. " A Monolithic Folly : Fracking Colorado's North Fork Valley " 28:00 Director: Chad J. Reich " A group of concerned citizens and those who want to prevent extreme change to environment and fighting against this threat. "

2. " Mango House" 57 min. Director: Ross Taylor : A doc film about the largest shared space for refugees in the west and the risk takers behind it. Insight into the refugee experience. 

Q & A from 7:15 till 7:30 if needed. Mingling and end of program 

Producer: Jackie A Brennan  

Venue Information

The Diner Bar
160 Main Street
Lyons, CO 80540

Organizer Information

Colorado Festival Productions

P O Box 6056
Longmont, CO 80501
(646) 391-0876

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